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So I realize that when you're spending...

So I realize that when you're spending $300, the extra $36 isn't that much, but are these any better than Petzl's Nomics? I hear BD pick quality isn't that high compared to Petzl, the Nomics have modularity, and there really isn't any weight savings. Thoughts?

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Depends on what your doing with them. On ice they both work well, the nomics require a different swing, more wrist action to set the pick, while the cobras are more of a standard swing. For pure ice the cobras are the way to go, especially when its fresh. For mixed/drytooling or climbs that are hacked out already (like Vail or the ice park)the nomics might have the edge, but they both perform well on most every type of climb. It mostly comes down to how you use them. As for the picks, the new BD picks work great, they get stuck less and haven't broken any this season.

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Keep in mind that the Cobras come with a "B" rated pick which is thinner than the "T" rated picks that the Petzl's come with which are thicker (in addition the shape is slightly different too). So when you hear that Petzl picks are more durable/better/whatever, you are comparing different rated picks. Get the "T" picks for your BD and you'll find them just as good. That being said the "B" rated picks go into ice better and typically don't get as stuck as the "T" picks