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So I just got these, and immediately...

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So I just got these, and immediately realized they are for people with low arches, at least out the box. I have a very "tall" foot" and the ramp angle of the top of my foot is severely misaligned from the very flat angle of the strap. As a result only the leading edge contacts my foot, which is quite unpleasant (I've had the same problem with Olukais). Question is, will the top straps stretch and mold over time? If not I need to return. Because they are canvas rather than leather that gives me hope.

Responded on

So I ended up returning these because of the above issue. With how incredibly wide the strap is I don't think that pair was going to conform anytime soon. A shame because the footbed is insanely comfortable, and they are incredibly light for how burly they are.
FWIW, I tried on a pair of "Sole Cork Flips" and that strap setup didn't hurt as much and seemed like it would conform over much better over time to taller feet.