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So I just bought a ton of these to rack...

So I just bought a ton of these to rack my c4s and use as trad draws. Theres a descent price diff between these and the hotwires, whats the reason? should I have gone w hotwires for my draws?

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Hotwires used to be lighter so they still have a reputation and some styling, that garner a higher price. Other than that, there's no reason for them to be more expensive. Enjoy the Neutrinos.

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The reason Hotwires are more expensive is that they are hot forged and therefore more labor intensive to make. The end result is a carabiner with an I-Beam shape, and a larger size and gate opening, yet the same weight. If you have the money, the following draws would all be upgrades: (Gear/Rope) Hoodwire/Hotwire, Nitron/Hotwire, Oz/Hotwire.

That said, Neutrinos are great carabiners in general, and for racking, I think you made the right call. The color coding is convenient, and I actually prefer a smaller carabiner for racking, if only for the way they sit compactly on my gear loops. They're still pretty light, and very functional.