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So, I can tell by the reviews that this...

So, I can tell by the reviews that this seems to work pretty well. But I am wondering about how easy it is to store. Is it okay to move the trainer a lot, because I would have to keep it in a different location than where I would train. Another question is if the trainer is quiet when using road tires?

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It's fine to move the trainer. The outer most legs fold up against the main two legs of the frame so it takes a up less space than when you are using it. Keep in mind, it weighs about 18 pounds or so.Smooth road tires are what you want to use on a trainer. Anything with tread will just make a lot of noise. One other thing, don't use expensive soft rubber tires on a trainer, they will wear out very quickly. Grab some cheaper commuter style (but smooth) tires to use on it.