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So I am thinking about getting this pack...

So I am thinking about getting this pack for a good multi purpose day/overnight pack. I have also considered the Talon 33 and 44. So I am just wondering what others takes on the size of these packs are for day/overnight packs.

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Of the three, I prefer the Kestrel. I generally consider somewhere in the 35L size as the perfect overnight pack. 44L is getting a bit too big, although nobody says you have to fill it completely (although we do have some sort of psychological need to at least try). As a daypack, unless you need or want to carry a lot of gear, and maybe someone elses ,too, all these are pretty big. I know you want to try to get an all-in-one thing going, but sometimes it's better to break it down based on your personal preferences and a selection of the right pack for the right job. Hope this helps.

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So this would be for daylong hikes. I have a Camelbak cloud walker (20L) and an Osprey Daylite (13L) and I cannot pack all the gear water and lunch that I need to take on a long day hike. I probably wouldn't pack this completely full for the day hikes (25L-30L depending on enviornment )

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If you need the volume, don't mind that it feels a little larger than what you're used to, and that partially loaded packs just feel kind of funky in how they carry sometimes, then this will fit the bill. All a matter of personal preference. Order it, try it. The worst that can happen is you send it back and try again. These are really comfortable and functional packs though.