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Slide n' loc Feedback

Anybody using the...

Slide n' loc Feedback

Anybody using the Slide n' loc snaps with one of the compatible jackets? Which one? What is your feedback?

I'm wondering what I would like best in deep snow between:
1/ bibs and hip length jacket
2/ slide n loc pants (sabre) and hip length jacket (sabre/sidewinder sv)
3/ pants and thigh length jacket (theta/vertic)

I'm doing half resort and half touring. Ideally I could use it in a storm in a resort or touring on a sunny day. I can't afford 4 different arc'teryx jackets :) So I'm guessing something moderately lightweight and breathable both somewhat rugged.

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Slide n' loc didn't work for me. I have a medium Rush matted to a medium sabre pants (also tried it with my small Keibo and medium sabre pants). The length of these jackets means that the snowskirt locks into the back of the pants quite high. I pefer to have the rear of the gripper elastic as low as possible. I stopped using it and let teh powder skirt do its job independant of the slide n loc