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Size help.

I'm 5'10, 180 pounds. I want...

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Size help.

I'm 5'10, 180 pounds. I want either the 182 or 190.

I'm a good skier, I love the long gs turns but want to be in control in tight spaces as well.

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Go with the 182. It's only 3" difference and I think the 182 will work better for your size.

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Hey Fil,

I'd say go with the 190 because although it's only 3'' in difference, you're gonna be more upset getting soething too small than if you got something with a little bit more meat! I am bigger than you in height and weight but mounted mine more progressive (forward) and love them. THis was a favorite ski in my quiver (until the Rocker2 came out)

You'd be surprised how many smaller people use the 182, so I say get the 190, mount'em forward and slay.

hope this helps,

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Decide what you plan on skiing more. And your type of skiing. If you like to make long turns, go fast, and just charge, then go 190. If you want a ski that is more playful in the powder, then go 182.