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Since this biner isn't perfectly oval, can...

Since this biner isn't perfectly oval, can you use it with a pulley as part of a crevasse rescue system? Would it be better to go with the regular Black Diamond oval to ensure that the load is evenly balanced? I like the wiregate a lot but in a crevasse rescue situation I'd want to maximize the efficiency of the system, and I'm not sure if this biner's "oval-ish" shape would affect that. Thanks!

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It is te picture....the ovals in person are just as "ovalish" as the hardgate sstem...but...if i were in a crevasse situation i would want a pulley, not an oval biener

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I think you misunderstand my question. I am asking about the biner you use to connect to the pulley... Not using a biner in place of a pulley. And the shape is definitely slightly more of a D when you compare this one to the standard oval BD makes. Has anyone used this for crevasse rescue?

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Your pulley should attach just as well to this as the hard gate. I haven't really seen a difference in efficiency in the carabiners, just in the pulleys.