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Since the fuel bottle is not included and...

Since the fuel bottle is not included and not for sale, should I presume that other fuel bottles will work with this stove? Can I use my MSR fuel bottles with it?

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Do not ever ever ever use the MSR bottle with this stove!!! I used one with the stove a few times and let me tell you, you might not notice it but gas is going to leak out around the pump. The top of the MSR bottles are rounded while the Optimus bottles are flat on the top. If one uses the MSR bottle the pump will not make a good connection with the tank because of the rounded surface and fuel will leak out slowly, sometimes to slow to notice. Since Optimus uses a metal pump if that leaked gas catches fire you could literally have a bomb go off in your camp. Not good!

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I also have the optimus nova and have been using it with MSR bottles that I have. I have no problems in warm weather but in cold weather (under 30) I had the bottle leak several times. At first I did not realize how bad it was until one time backpacking in the snow and the leaked fuel caught fire which ruined the black caps which cover connections and also melted the O-ring inside the quik fitting on the fuel line. I was able to use some plastic to "seal" the line enough to hold some pressure to barely warm some water but not cook. When I got back I contacted Optimus and they sent replacement parts for no charge.

In all, do not use MSR bottles. Use only Optimus or maybe Brunton bottles. Unless you want to risk a fire. Remember that it may seem to seal but in cold weather you will most likely have a leak.

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I have saveral stoves and fuel bottles from Optimus, Primus, and MSR. The threads are all the same but the sealing lip on the fuel bottles are quite different on the MSR vs. the Optimus and Primus bottles. The top inside of the MSR is tapered similiar to a funnel and will work wel with a round o-ring (MSR stove pumps). The Optimus and Primus have a flat surface below the lip of the bottle with the verticle side above that contains the o-ring (flat in the case of the optimus stove pump) from bulging outward and creating a leak when compressed too far or due to pressure inside the bottle. Use your MSR bottles to carry exyra fuel but use an Optimus bottle with the pump.