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Short version: are the parkas sized knowing...

Short version: are the parkas sized knowing you'll be wearing multiple layers beneath, or do you need to size up?

Details: I picked up a large MH Sub Zero SL hooded jacket on a closeout and it barely covers my base/insul/shell layers (girthwise, not lengthwise), but I'm wondering if I should have gone with a medium parka. I am a medium chest-wise (39-40), but am 6'1" which normally means long/large.

I'm thinking of returning the sub zero and getting the Chillwave parka in medium to have the 3 additional inches in back (parka vs. jacket), but I'm wondering if the medium will still be sufficient to fit my shell and insulating layers beneath: is this taken into consideration when they size the parka?

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I'm about the same size as you are and I wear 35/36" sleeves in dress shirts. I ordered a large and the sleeves on the Chillwave were not long enough for me and I returned it for a MontBell Frost Line. Can't speak to your layering question since I never got outside with the parka due to the sleeve issue. Hope this helps!