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Re Svea 123 stove: Is there a difference...

Re Svea 123 stove: Is there a difference between the 123 and the 123R? Should I care which I buy?

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The original Svea 123 has a straight vaporizing tube which, when heated up, acts as a generator. The jet/nipple also has to be "pricked" with a cleaning tool to keep the orifice open. When the 123R was introduced, a self-cleaning needle was added to the vaporizing tube & voila, now you could clean the jet by simply turning the valve key.

You can still find the original 123 on eBay, flea markets, antique stores, a stove collector like myself, but not new on the retail market. On the other hand, 123R's are available mostly in North America & Europe.

These little gems won't be produced forever so pick one up before they go the way of the 123. They are an amazing, little stove.