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Question for a boot fitter out there....

Question for a boot fitter out there.

Situation: Female friend looking for a performance AT boot. Considering Garmont Luster, Scarpa Shaka/Gea or Dynafit Gaia. She likes these boots for their versatility in skiing the frontside/resort as well as backcountry. Skis 60/40 mix resort/backcountry. Using Dynafit binding system.

Primary problem is volume around the upper cuff. She needs a boot that offers a larger than avg. volume in this area to get proper closure around lower calf/ankle. Tried mens equiv. models (Radium and Maestrale) on with no luck (did not have her size in women's model) Closure of upper was not suitable (realize women's models would be lower on her leg/calf).

Any thoughts on a solution? Can upper cuff of the Garmont or Scarpa liners be significantly cut down by boot fitter to allow more volume? Are there "aftermarket" liners that she could use in shell of one of these boots that would be more customizable? Any other boots that she should look at?