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Question about using the inner gaiter for...

Question about using the inner gaiter for mountaineering

How do you use the inner gaiter and a regular gaiter together? Let's assume that I start off in the dry morning wearing only my soft shell pants with gaiters over. Later, it gets windy and wet so I decided to put on my Triolet pants. Do I take off my gaiters, then put these pants on and then put the gaiters back on over everything? Or do I just stash the gaiters in my pack? Any help would be appreciated!

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For full protection you could easily run a regular gaiter in addition to the internal gaiter incorporated in the Triolet. If you were to pull the Triolet's on over your soft shell pants, personally I would remove the gaiters and stash them or pull them on over the top of everything. The built in gaiters offer good protection, but if things are really nasty, or the snow is the extra set of gaiters could come in handy. hope that helps!

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Thanks for your input Ty. That's kind of what I was thinking.