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Please, do you know how this compares with...

Please, do you know how this compares with the Apache AR Zip in terms of warmth! From my research I saw that the Polartec Thermal Pro High Loft is better in warmth and compressibility then simple thermal pro. Also it seams that Apache Ar Zip is more technical piece of gear. I'm not sure what to choose! What is your opinion ?
Thanks a lot!

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I have both and I would say the delta ar is definitely warmer than the apache ar and also has a better fit. So in short I recommend choosing the Delta ar!

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I also have both, and I lean toward the Apache being warmer! Different strokes, I guess. I compare the two in terms of compressibility: the Delta compresses fabulously, the Apache, not so much. They differ in terms of dress, as well. The Apache is a dressy exterior, upscale enough for the office, the Delta a functional waffle pattern that's more at home camping or hiking.