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One thing that might be really nice is to...

One thing that might be really nice is to show how a rope goes through a figure eight belay device. just a large photo of a figure 8 and then show the line coming down from the top of the rock going through and around the figure 8 and then out the bottom and showing the tag end going to the bottom of the rock.

Also the quick and easy way to hook into the figure 8 with a rope. show a single line starting at the top then the device bext to the line. then how you hook to your harness and the rope and the device to get them to all work together and the way it actually works and why. You might get some total beginner to give some thought to joining in. dray.

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It's not a good idea for a total beginner to learn how to use a figure-8 belay device via a diagram or photo. That sort of lesson should be hands-on with an experienced climber who can double check everything.

If anyone reading this is a novice climber and is considering purchasing a figure-8 as a first belay device, please, please, please, get someone to show you exactly how to use it. Take a lesson at a gym or via a local club. Safety is paramount.

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