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Ok...once again, this bivy looks like it's...

Ok...once again, this bivy looks like it's in my future. The questions I have are: is there a considerable difference (besides price) between the ADVANCED and the HIGHLANDER? If so what are they? And 2: Where exactly do the two poles go? I can see that one appears to hold the opening in place creating a bit of space, but the other? Does the other create a "foot box?" Thank you in advance...j

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The Highland Bivy has no poles and uses Pertex as its waterproof/breathable layer. The Advanced Bivy has two poles to create space around your head, a removable mosquito netting layer at the opening, a footbox opening for added ventilation, and uses Gore-Tex Respiration as its waterproof/breathable layer.

The two poles both go in the head region--on over your face and the other around the opening/top of head so to create rigidity at the opening, which aids in both keeping the opening open for ventilation and preventing the top of the bivy from curling around your head--giving you more head room.