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Okay, I'm trying to decide between this...

Okay, I'm trying to decide between this pack or the Osprey Argon 70 (narrowed down to two earthy colors I like). I like the styling and price of the Crestone. I like the features and color of the Osprey.

My question in particular is about the three loops down the back of the Crestone. What to people typically attach or daisy chain here, and is it really useful? It's one little feature I like on the Crestone 75, but just wanted to know if it's really even necessary.

How is The North Face when it comes to comfort of the frames and hip belts?

And overall, which pack (of the two) would you say is best?

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Thanks Phil, I am now proud owner of the Argon 70. It was close, I almost bought the Crestone on the spot since I was able to try that one right in the store (they had other Osprey packs to test, but not the Argon). Got the Argon cheap online at Moosejaw. I'd say the front panel access kind of tipped it in Osprey's favor.