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Okay ... I found the place where the water...

Okay ... I found the place where the water bladder goes ... now where does the hose exit the pack? I've prodded every seam in the general neighborhood.

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It's usually at a corner near the shoulder strap. Look for a small picture of a blue water drop.

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That pack is not hydration compatible. It has a sleeve on the inside where you might think the bladder goes but that is just to protect your gear from the back panel.

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I always used the mesh pocket on the bottom of the brain. If you put it in right (with the line hooked over the mesh and crossing to the opposite side), it never falls out no matter how rough you are with the thing...

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I put my 70 oz Camel Back bladder inside the insulated sleeve that came with it and slip it into that sleeve on the inside that Jeff says is just to protect your gear from the back panel. He may be correct about that but it makes a perfect place for my Camel Bak. I simply exit the tube through the center hole left when the drift collar is cinched up, then out under the right side of the removable top pocket . I then run the tube through one of the smallest key ring type carabiners you buy at Wal Mart that I clip to the d ring on my right shoulder strap. It keeps the tube handy.