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Ok maybe a dumb question but here...

Ok maybe a dumb question but here goes...

Should I be worried about scratching the inside of the Ti cup? You know how on Teflon pans, you're not supposed to scratch the surface with another metal or the Teflon will seep into whatever you are cooking. And since you practically store everything (fuel, burner, pot holder, etc) inside the cup, wouldn't you be prone to scratching the inside a lot?

Is it the same way with these Jetboil Ti's (or any Jetboils for that matter)?

I have this paranoia that I buy this, scratch the inside of the cup while camping, and get paranoid about the food I'm eating.

Is there a materials science major here to ease (or validate) my fears?


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Hey there, good question... you are fine if this scratches and the titanium gets into your food... Titanium is not a poisonous metal... so you would be fine... below is a little blurb I found from the Google machine:

Health effects of titanium

There is no known biological role for titanium. There is a detectable amount of titanium in the human body and it has been estimated that we take in about 0.8 mg/day, but most passes through us without being adsorbed. It is not a poison metal and the human body can tolerate titanium in large doses.