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OK here is the issue. I purchased ( a...

OK here is the issue. I purchased ( a couple of weeks ago ) a pair of lined and unlined khakis....the lined pair are way too tight - the unlined pair are perfect. Although I think the unlined pair will shrink after a number of washes...just a guess on my part. So here is the question: Can I exchange the lined pair - never washed or worn ( except for trying them on...( reciept is long gone ).....anyway that is the question.
By the way...nice pants. Thanks Doug Harty

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Backcountry has an industry leading return policy (at least for the consumer). I've never had a problem with returning anything-even mildly used gear-and I don't think I ever had a receipt. In the upper right hand corner of, click "Chat Now," select "returns or exchanges," and you get a direct line to a guru who will tell you the definite answer to your question as well as tell you how to return/exchange them.
Also, don't be surprised if your next pair of MK's has a completely different size than either of your other pairs. Their quality control/sizing is all over place (some 32x32 I can't fit in and some are too big even with a belt), but it's totally worth it. Aren't their pants sweet?