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Norrona's size chart shows 44 chest...

Norrona's size chart shows 44 chest corresponding to a 41" waist. I am a 48" chest, 38" waist (220, 6'2"). What size would I order?

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I'm almost the same size as you, and have tried both L and XL in Norrona. They are European fit, so if your legs are slim L might work. XL may be somewhat big in the waist, but perhaps a better fit elsewhere. I wasn't able to keep the Norrona pants since I am right betweeen L and XL. I did keep a Norrona softshell, and went for an XL; I would never have been be able to get the L on. Great products otherwise.

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Thanks Ratherbe. I got the XL in both colors and they're fantastic. I am really closer to 37" and they're a perfect fit. I am normally hesitant to buy 100% nylon, but they don't hug the thigh at all.