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Gear Question

Next year i'm planning to do a 80 days...

Next year i'm planning to do a 80 days hike to Santiago de Compostella. In total 1522 km. I'm planning to go light and still have to purchase lots o my gear. Except tent (Vango Helium 2001.3 Kgs) en the Therma-rest Xlite Large. Those i bought already.

I'm wonderingif tis backpack would suit my needs and considering the weight. I'm hesitating between this baltoro 65 or the Deuter act+Lite 50+10.

Any tips,advice or suggestions. Or even general tips on long hiking tris are welcome.

Regards David

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Correction the tent weigts 1.3 Kgs, not 2001.3 :D

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Hey David,

I hope I caught you before your trip! This pack will serve you well. It's a little on the heavier side, but cancels that out with premium support and comfort. If you want some more evidence/opinion, check out: