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New at snow boarding, how do you determine...

New at snow boarding, how do you determine lengh of board for boys snow board

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buy at your local shop

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It's the same for a boy's or girl's snowboard, the board's height should be between your chin and nose.
Here's what usually works for the little guys;
4 ft: 110cm
4'2": 114cm-120cm
4'4": 115cm-125cm
4'6": 118cm-135cm
4'8": 120cm-135cm
5 ft: 130cm-142cm

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Chris has good points, board should be somewhere between chin and nose... starting out, I'd suggest keeping it a bit closer to the chin. As your boy gets bigger, weight is sometimes a better way to buy, but also consider desired style of ride... but for now, stick with height of the chin (or maybe a little extra so the little guy can grow into it and you don't have to buy him another board next year to save yourself some $$$).

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My notes: The boot size a 11c and 12c come with a 90cm, a 13c and a 1 come with a 100cm, 2 and 3 110cm, 4 and 5 120cm