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Need some help with sizing suggestions. ...

Need some help with sizing suggestions. I am looking to use the Miura for multi-pitch climbs as well as crack climbing. I have never done this type of climbing before so I am unfamiliar with how to size. My street shoe size is 8.5/9. I wear Solutions in size 39 (tight as I can go, perfect after break-in), Katana Lace in 39.5 (very snug but not torture). I tried on a pair of Miuras today size 40.5, my toes were a little curled and the shoes felt pretty snug, but I am unsure how much stretch to expect...can anyone help me out?

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They will stretch but not a ton only 1/2 size or a little more maybe but ask the people at the shop and they could give u a better idea

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I sized mine down pretty aggressively and they didn't stretch much except for around my toes where the knuckles pop up so I wouldn't expect much stretch in your situation.