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My wife and I are assembling 72 hour packs...

My wife and I are assembling 72 hour packs for all of our children and grandchildren. Your Titanium Cup (.4L) appears to be the best on the market for small meal cooking and drinking. 3 questions:
1) Is it large enough to cook Top Ramen Noodles?
2) Is there a holder for the cup to cook over canned heat?
3) What price could we expect to pay if we buy 24 cups?

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Top Ramen noodles require 2 cups of water (per packet instructions) which is more than this cup will hold. I have the Titan Kettle ( which works very well for cooking small meals such as Top Ramen. In regards to a holder, there are only the folding handles which get very hot (I use light-weight gloves when I handle the hot pot).

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Use a Snow Peak 600 or 700ml single wall ti mug. Or the Backcountry 700ml mug - it's cheaper and lighter. I use the SP 700ml mug with my DIY alcohol stove and holder. Add a ti long handle spoon and you're set. One ounce of alcohol boils enough water(500-600ml) for rehydrating my meal and a cup of coffee.