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My ten yr old wants his own pack. The...

My ten yr old wants his own pack. The concern is that he would outgrow this pack. What size of boy would this fit and how long would this tend to fit a boy or teenager. It's one thing for a $40 pack but another for an expensive pack. I realize growth rate plays a major part.

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Yes he will outgrow it but probably not for several years. Growth usually accelerates quickly around puberty so, on average, in the 13-14 range and the pack covers up to an adult small. Since several up to maybe as much as 4-5 years of fit may be covered a better question might be how much is he going to use it? If the answer is many times and carrying more than just a few pounds then go for it!

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It's more for a teenager.
I'm a 19 year old college student and I'm planning on getting one for my trip to Europe this summer.
The top length is almost 21 inches and I wear the hip belt has lots of room to extend.
My back length is 17in and my waist is 25in