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My stove is brand new but the auto igniter...

My stove is brand new but the auto igniter won't lite the stove.

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Sometimes the tip or mount of the igniter gets a little tweaked or twisted and ends up too far away from the burner head to arc properly. Try gently moving it a bit closer and hit the switch. If that doesn't do it, it's going to be a warranty issue and you should get it replaced.

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Try lighting the stove with a pot/pan on top. This creates more concentration of gases around the electrode.

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I didn't even think to ask- At what altitude are you trying to use it? If you're above 8000ft, that could also be the problem.

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Very true, however I'm a bit luckier. My ignitors work successfully up to 10,000 feet before they crap out.

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I have had a number of appliances that are supposed to work with the self-igniter. Virtually every one of them have failed within three days of using them the first time. Maybe I am just throwing off strong vibes that break them hahaha but I would advise just buying the item without them and use a small bic. Works virtually every time. Break those piezo pieces of crap off and rest your mind and the fraction of an ounce it loses will rest your back.