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My son needs a backpack to go outdoors...

My son needs a backpack to go outdoors from class to class in high school – a campus style high school. We would like his books/supplies, etc. to stay dry. What's a good waterproof pack?

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The North Face Base Camp Hotshot Backpack is very water resistant, one of the few models out there. Some people complain about the stiffness of the material, but you aren't really going to find a good durable, waterproof material that is still soft and pliable.

Other alternatives I've seen around are and, though for the most part people around campus just carry umbrellas. Good luck!

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The Patagonia Black Hole Pack is a great option. The fabric is waterproof and super durable and would make a great high school pack.
Most of the regular Patagonia day packs like the Fuego here will do pretty well day to day, and in light rain. If it's going to be an all out down pour, then the contents would get wet, but just going from class to class he should be fine.

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I use the Fuego for walking around campus, and it works great for me. Plenty of room for books, light rain's no problem