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My oldest version of these flips have...

My oldest version of these flips have Vibram soles. I bought another pair a couple years after my first pari that did NOT have vibram soles. Needless to say, the second pair was not nearly as comfortable as the first. Does this version have vibram soles as shown in the photo, or are they the partially recycled sole?

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Under the description, it says the sole is 'Ecotread' (25% recycled rubber) despite the picture showing Vibram. I have encountered this on many other sites while looking for the Vibram sole - they're all Ecotread unfortunately. Now there's a new flip called Chaco Vibram Pro which should be closer to what you're looking for.

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yes the pro version is a vibram sole but beware it is a softer rubber for getting better grip, BUT it is a marking rubber as well (black marks on the floor). so while they may be more comfy or whatever they will wear down faster