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My current pad makes a TON of noise when...

My current pad makes a TON of noise when I use it. Like you can't even move without making a noise like squeezing an inflated balloon. How is this one for noise?

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The original NeoAirs sounded like a crinkling bag of potato chips when you moved around on them. The new generation is supposed to have eliminated that problem. I have not yet had a chance to play with one, so I'm sorry to say I can't report firsthand.

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I'm all for being friendly, but why would you reply to a question when you can't give an answer?

It's noisy. Maybe even louder than the original and like Dave mentions, it's like a bag of potato chips. It doesn't bother me too much because I'm usually tired, it might bother your neighbors if they are light sleepers.

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I disagree with the others. It is quite noisy while inflating, but once fully inflated and being slept on, there is not much noise.

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I have been out my new x-lite for two nights, mid-20's on Pike's Peak, and low 30's another night up in the mountains. Amazingly warm for the weight. Although I anticipated lot's of noise based on what it "seemed" it would be when squeezing it in hand, it was not noisy at all when laying on it. Surely the increased air pressure from laying on it removes the "crinkling" noise almost altogether! I was pleasantly surprised, surpassed my expectation for comfort, heat, and noise.