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Gear Question

Mounting line seems to be pretty far back,...

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Mounting line seems to be pretty far back, any suggestions for a slightly more forward mount?

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Dave - don't do it! I've tried bumping the mounting point forward on Megawatts and I feel like they just don't ski right. Would love to see if anyone has moved the line forward and seen good results, but I've found that this ski is built for the mount that BD suggests.

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Just a follow up. Despite the suggestion from Mark P, I got the skis and mounted them +2cm with G3 Onyx. Been touring with them quite a bit on the BC coast and Cascades. I was glad to have mounted these +2, and was lucky enough that the Onyx have 1.5cm range to adjust. I basically have them at +2.5cm now, and if I could, would go even further to +3. The tips are huge and seem impossible to dive, and I need more tail to manage these at any kind of speed. In the end, I love how they ride in perfect powder, but a couple tracks or avi debris and you notice how soft they really are, especially when you're riding fast out of a chute. Too soft for me, even as a specialty tool in my quiver. I need stiffer, and more center mounted.