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More than HALF A GRAND?! Come on y'all;...

More than HALF A GRAND?! Come on y'all; real freakin skiers don't have that kind of cashola, at least not here in Montana! The folks at Dynafit should please-oh-please give us a binding we can afford! So, the question: when, where, can I find this binder at a reasonable price?! This elitist, overpriced bull$hit drives me nuts.

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Internet, guy. I live in Italy and in Europe Dynafit obviously costs less. I am about to purchase a pair of these guys and am looking for the best price. So far at $360 from a place in Chies d'Alpago, but shipping might add a bit for you in the States.

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what do you care about $ 300-500 for a pair of very light but solid binding? That's the most important part of your BC equipment! Just think of all the lift tickets you won't be buying!