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Gear Question


If Jon Webb can respond,...


If Jon Webb can respond, great. Otherwise anyone feel free to take a shot:

1. What are the fundamental differences between the MMO and the MMO II?

2. I'd like to use them for light hiking/ intermediate mountain biking. Would they be effective in those arenas?

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I cannot speak to the difference between the MMO and MMO II, but I can provide experience from 9 months of using the MMOII.

I purchased them for running on gravel roads while I was stuck on an American outpost in Afghanistan. They are pretty heavy compared to most other shoes I've worn, including the Montrail Hardrocks, but for running on large gravel they were perfect. I have since used them on all light hiking trips I have taken with less than 40lbs on my back. With the plastic shank I think they are pretty stiff and I would wear them mountain biking if I didn't use clipless pedals.

Hope that helps.

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I have both the MMO and the MMO II and I can't see any difference whatsoever between the two. Love them both. I have done a couple of 10 mile trail hikes with a 10 pound pack and have had no issues.