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Looks like a great harness, but I have...

Looks like a great harness, but I have larger legs and am worried about the legs not being adjustable. Will the leg loops stretch at all and how far up my leg should the loops ride?

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Petzl makes great harnesses and I have had very good luck with them. If you have larger legs, GO WITH ADJUSTABLE leg loops. I know it is on sale and a great deal, but you will end up having to get another harness.

As far how the leg loops, they will fall somewhere on your upper side and below your butt on the back side. I keep the loops a little looser when belaying and climbing moderate stuff. If I'm really working something or know there is a chance I could take a whipper I keep it a little more snug.

Check out the Petzl Adjama $89.90 and has adjustable leg loops