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Looking for some knee/shin guards that fit...

Looking for some knee/shin guards that fit snug or stay in place very well for riverboarding. Do these fit the bill? Would they work well in the water and protect from rocks? Others seem to use the sixsixone's but complain the slide down in the rapids.

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I've never used them for water sports but I have been caught in a few rain storms while riding as well as having to walk through some knee deep water crossings before and they've never slipped. The foam liner doesn't get water logged but I don't know how well or how long it will last after repeated prolonged water exposure and submersion.

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I'm sure decisions have been made by now, but for future reference I'll offer that these things hold tons of water when washed or sweat drenched. Also, the elastic straps will stretch when wet. This causes them to slide down my leg once I've started sweating a good bit.