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Looking at buying the two biggest sizes...

Looking at buying the two biggest sizes to add to my trad rack... If I already have a set of stoppers and cams would this be a good idea?

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Hexes are light weight, cheap, and bomber when placed right, but I would honestly rather throw in a cam instead. However, I'm lazy, and cams are just easier and faster to place. Getting skilled at placing hexes is an awesome and useful skill, I say go for it.

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I only own two hexes, they are the 10 and 11. Worth while addition to any rack, and you cannot beat the price. I would rather have 3-4 of these over a cam if I had to choose between the two. I have actually used them quite often and own stoppers, master cams, and c4 cams. They do tend to be quite noisy if racked close to each other!! (cowbell anyone?)