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Looking at a used pair of TLTs mounted on...

Looking at a used pair of TLTs mounted on skis. Heel is approx. 1" to far back. Is there a forward pressure setting, or can I just move heel ahead to the correct place ?

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Jim, 1" may be too far to move without remounting. The current TLT heelpieces have an adjustment range of 25mm, usually 12.5mm forward or back if mounted in the center of the range. Forward pressure is crucial to binding performance as tech system bindings do not have any elasticity. The correct forward pressure is measured by using a spacer slipped between the heel of the boot and the heel piece of the binding. Current TLT Verticals and Radicals use a 5.5mm spacer, current Low Tech Race & Low Tech Radical use a 4mm spacer. Older Dynafits also used a 4mm spacer.
Sorry for the long answer - Hope this helps!