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Last night I decided to wash my Patagonia...

Last night I decided to wash my Patagonia soft shell, alpine guide SS pants, and micro puff jacket. I used another brand of sport wash (from X-mas) + extra rinse, and then did the soft shell wash in. I am now using a newer top loading HE machine which does not use a lot of water. I used the 2 capfuls, less than 1/2 bottle, as directed and put in the dispenser, not water.

After running in a light dryer mode, the jacket has pretty significant white residue on it, like hand prints all over, and the pants a fair amount. The micro puff jacket did have some but not as prominent. I did an extra wash after all this but they still remain.

Can I get some suggestions in how to get ride of these? Pretty disappointed now as I am sure it will bead like crazy but looks unsightly and these are costly. I have used plenty of hard shell wash-in during my life and maybe remember a little of this.

Ideas to help? Will it fade or can I wash it out again w/ sport wash or a soak in sport wash?

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Hey Jake, I had this problem when I used 2 ENTIRE cap fulls, not just 2 of the threaded cap part... which is what I recommend... I would try a straight warm wash/rinse, no soaps... the warm water should "melt" the residue...

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Just as an btw, not to refute what you are saying from your experience. I actually measured out the 150ml they suggest for 2-3 items in a front load. This was in fact three to the rim if the entire capfuls. The directions are kind of vague wight the capful indication since the cap is so odd.