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Just wondering if one of these would work...

Just wondering if one of these would work for three people, or should we get one for each person ?

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so if I remember right this one is 0.8L so to put that in perspective that is about 27 oz or about 3.3 cups so you could possibly get 2 small meals out of it but if you want to heat up water for more people and want this type of jetboil I would go with the sumo it has a 1.8L pot

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D, I used my Jetboil Sol Ti on a 4-day trip with 4 people in Olympic National Park with NO problems. We also had a MSR Whisperlite, but rarely used it because the Jetboil was so easy to use and so fast to boil. Jetboil recommends 0.5L / 2 cups / 16 oz as max fill line. I push that to approx. 0.6L / 2.5 cups / 20 oz with no reservations (Caution: the Jetboil, because of it's tall build, has a high center of gravity, and can be more susceptible to tipping when over-filled). I don't use my Jetboil for cooking/sauteing. It only gets used for boiling water (think: oatmeal, cous cous, instant rice, freeze dried food, coffee/tea/hot chocolate) and it boils like no other (hence, the name). At camp I would boil two batches of water for four servings of freeze-dried food. While those were re-hydrating, I'd boil water for tea for everyone. Repeated boils never seemed like a burden and there really wasn't ever waiting for food or hot drinks.

The Jetboil cooking system is not great at "turning down" (as in simmering). If you plan on cooking/sauteing meals, consider adding Jetboil's 3.0L pot (as Micah L. recommends above), or, consider a different stove / cooking system.