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Just realized I accidentally commented on...

Just realized I accidentally commented on someone's previous comment, my apologies for my repost.

I'm interested in the 203cm version, but I wouldn't mind a bit of info about the construction and contact length of the ski. Anyone know if the 203cm version is changed from the shorter versions? I know that sometimes ski companies will beef up the longer versions of their skis. As far as the turn radius goes, I know it's marked at around 33m for the 203, but if the ski has a softer tip and tail the ski can be more easily manipulated to a shorter turn radius. Any idea if the Shiro has a softer tip/tail than say, the gotama?

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Both the tip and the tail are softer on the Shiro than the Gotama. The Shiro is a soft, forgiving, playful ski. If I could change anything on the ski, I would make the tip stiffer.

My husband, who is 6'4" skis on the 193 and loves it. I'm not sure if your looking for a ski for AK, but he wouldn't want any bigger for skiing in Jackson Hole.

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I'd be looking for a ski to potentially go to Alaska with, do some FWQ events with, and use to hit some backcountry booters with.

Thanks for the reply!