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Just bought this pack and I'm inspecting...

Just bought this pack and I'm inspecting it before I decide to keep it. There's an insulated hydro sleeve, but I don't see a dedicated sleeve or loop to hang the reservoir inside the pack. I realize the back panel entry probably complicates this, but am I missing something or does the reservoir just get tossed in with everything else?

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I have the older version of this pack. In mine, there's a separate pocket that hangs from the top of the pack, against the back, that holds the bladder and simultaneously lets you use the back-panel access. It would be odd if DaKine eliminated that feature.

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Dave, thanks for your response.

I asked Dakine customer service the same question and this was their response: "The reservoir pocket is going to be inside the main compartment opposite of the back panel. It has Velcro closure. We moved away from the older version [that you have, Dave] because of the back panel access."

My opinion: this isn't even a good idea on paper. The pocket is too open for my 3 liter reservoir (meaning it will sag as I drink it or if the main compartment isn't full to keep it in place) and there's no hook or strap to hag it on. The hose lays across your gear, so if you use the top access you have to work around it. And the exit point for the hose (if the hose is even long enough) was way too difficult to feed the bit value through (granted it was a Camelbak big mouth value or whatever it's called), so I returned the pack.

I like the rest of the pack, but hydration is something that needs to be easy to use and I don't think Dakine got it right. Too many other packs to choose from.