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Just bought one of these with some pure...

Just bought one of these with some pure carbon poles and the lower is way too loose in the '14mm' port but too big for the 11mm port. It's supposed to fit just fine but the attachment system seems unusable.

Anyone else have this problem?



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This saw is compatible only with the BD Traverse, Razor Carbon, or Expedition poles...Check the BD website....

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Yep - they changed that after I pointed out to BD Europe that all their literature, website, product info sheets supplied with poles and saw etc. listed the pure carbon as compatible, when they'd actually changed the saw slightly and it was no longer compatible.

They offered to swap my poles for some that did fit, but they were such a good deal I didn't want to pass them up. In the end I made a small shim from a piece of ice-cream tub lid which makes it fit just fine.