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I've tried these boots on, but can't decide...

I've tried these boots on, but can't decide on if they are right for my needs. I live in Maine, and am looking for a casual yet cute boot for every-day winter wear (well, Spring & Fall too). I'm tired of wearing snow boots, with a pair of flats in my purse for when I reach my destination. My sole (ha!) concern with these boots is the traction. It looks REALLY slick. I've read conflicting reviews on whether this boot will be good (or terrible) in the snow. Keen reps, other people who have them... anyone have some real experience with this? I don't want to be slipping and sliding this winter...

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If your concerned with the traction I would recommend the Silverton, it's very similar to the Bern , but has the traction and a little insulation in it, but not to much so it won't be hot in the spring and fall.