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I've had this headlamp forever, back when...

I've had this headlamp forever, back when it just came out and didn't even have the upgrade LED's, but I upgraded to the five when they did come out. My issue is this: The elastic bands are so worked and stretched that I can't even tighten it to my dome enough for hard use, just light hiking or else it flies off. If I send it to Petzl, will they charge me a grip to replace the webbing? And shipping is always an issue, as well. If so, I'll probably just bite the bullet and buy a new one. Just curious, never dealt with Petzl's custy service......

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Or just grab some one inch flat webbing and a triglide and make a simple headlamp strap for $2.00.

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Petzl sells replacement elastic kits for most of their lights. I don't know whether has them, but I by mine at for around $11.

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Thanks! But since then some dick has stolen it. Do any of you know if the MYO RXP can handle underwater? I used to take this DUO underwater with snorkle gear with no problems. The MYO says it's waterproof, but then some of the reviews say it's kind of a piece and won't handle being submerged. I kind of need to get to the bottom of this, because I like the MYO's style and it seems not so bulky, but if it's chince and won't go underwater you better believe I'm just going to buy another DUO. Which, unfortunatly, will be my third. Gave away the one that didn't get stolen as a gift.

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I have also had this headlamp for ages -- pre 5. I absolutely love it for night xc skiing and running, as I live on a rural road without lighting. I will not give it up. My straps are also losing their tightness and will seek the replacement elastic or purchase the elastic. For fast skiing, other headlamps just don't cut it.