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I've had these skins for 4 years and stored...

I've had these skins for 4 years and stored them sticky side together this past summer. They now are leaving a lot of residue on my board. Do I need new skins or is there a fix? It seems like there should be more life in them.. Thanks

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If you search "Glue Renew" you'll see a product by both Black Diamond and G3 that can be used to restore the glue on your skins. Application isn't the easiest, but if you're careful you can get nearly like-new results. You may also want to pick up some base cleaner if your bases have a bunch of glue stuck to them now. Last thing - I have some really, really old skins that will leave goop on my skis if I stick them in the house, but they do just fine if I apply them when it's freezing cold.