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I've been reading about all the twin tip...

I've been reading about all the twin tip powder rocker skis on the market. I'm looking for a new powder ski to mount a set of Fritschi Freerides for back country. The Drifters are touted as "light" but from what I can find, all the top powder twins are between 8.5 and 9.5 Ibs. Why would you go with a Drifter if you can get a Rossi S7 or Armada ARG for nearly the same weight? These skis get fantastic reviews.

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If you are looking for a powder ski and don't mind the extra pound or two then those skis would be great. If you are looking for a touring/backcountry ski, then two pounds makes a big difference on the up. I bought these drifters after spending a long time looking for an all-backcountry ski that will kill in the powder. The short list consisted of Coombacks, Black Diamond Justices, and the Drifter. I noticed that the Drifter was stiffer and lighter then both of those other skis. The Justices seemed too soft for me. I have only taken these out once so far this year (pre-season Alta hike on hardpack) and really like them. They were super responsive and easy to ski, I imagine they will kill in the powder too judging by how fat they are. The ARG is probably better in the powder so go for that if you are looking for a powder-only ski, but I like a ski I can ski anything on. I mounted these with some Dynafit Bindings, now I just have to try to find a brake that will fit.

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Just to add: Maybe the weight is similar and flex is close but the price is a bit off. With the drifter you get a solid rockered ski for a killer price!