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I've been looking at the BD Verdict, K2...

I've been looking at the BD Verdict, K2 Hardside, and this one. Looks like I'll be doing more on-piste this year but I also want a ski that can be pushed hard and get tight turns out of if need be in variable conditions and powder as well (read quiver of one). Anyone have experiance with these or for that matter, suggestions of other skies to consider?

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If you're looking for a one ski quiver, I would recommend the Hardside over the Sideshow. It is almost identical in every regard but has a slightly wider footprint making it better in variable snow and in powder. The Sideshow is a great ski and super versatile. But if you only want to have one ski, I would go slightly wider to make sure that you have better floatation in the pow, and better stability in variable conditions.