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I've been a FREESTYLE FAN sense I was a...

I've been a FREESTYLE FAN sense I was a little kid & now as a woman I'm looking for one of your waterproof diving watches (Hopfully digital). I live in Daytona Beach,FL, so I need waterproof & can't rust. I love this watch! It's simply perfect, but when I went to buy it, It didn't come in the color it's shown in. Does this watch come in purple? Because the picture shows it purple & black, but you can only buy it in solid midnight black.

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If BC doesn't offer the color choice you want, your best bet is to use the chat function at the top of the page and see if a gear head can determine if/when they'll be getting that particular color. Looking at the Freestyle site, it doesn't look like they are offering the color pictured here. I might be color blind, though. Here's the Shark line so you can see for yourself: