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I've asked this a few other places but ......

I've asked this a few other places but ... does anyone out there have any decent 1-pot backcountry recipes? I'm sick of the freeze dried business.

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Check out the "Bake-packer" which is an aluminum grid insert which allows you to "bake" inside your backpacking pot. We prepare mixes in ziplock bags, add powdered egg if necessary, then just add water in the backcountry. Cooks right in the bag, on the grid in the pot, and tastes incredibly good about your 4th day in the backcountry. Comes with recipes. We bake cornbread (we like Marie Calendar's mix), blueberry muffins, gingerbread... Last weekend I used it to cook a great omelet. Check it out at, we all love it!

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"One Burner Gourmet." We've been using it for years but mainly for car camping. It has a lot of great single pot recipes.