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Gear Question

It seems that the 2013 T. Rice Pro tech...

It seems that the 2013 T. Rice Pro tech specs are correct but bullet points 3 and 4 in the description above are not. The standard Pro Model does not have HP (horsepower) construction nor does it have the Columbian Gold core. These specs are reserved for the HP T. Rice model which is priced much higher at around $696.
Can someone in the know back me up on this? This can be misleading for someone not quite familiar with Lib Tech boards.

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Good eye, you are correct.

The Horsepower = 100% basalt Fibers + 90% Columbian Gold wood core is not on this board. It does utilize the Axis Inverted Fiberglass as well as the H-Pop wood core, so you still get lots of POP, but at a more affordable price.

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Yeah man your right it just has the couple bullet points form the Horsepower version (HP) yeah I have the 2012 and this deck is amazing. Check out for everything on this deck